• Professional Offset Adjustable Wrench with Rubber Handle

    Professional Offset Adjustable Wrench with Rubber Handle

    * With hardened and tempered treatment, clamping strongly.
    * Precision nut , open and close freely.
    * Overall atomization treatment, better anti-rust.
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  • Metric Ratchet Combination Spanner

    Metric Ratchet Combination Spanner

    * Patent Design : only need 5 degree to turn a nut compared to ordinary wrench need 30 degree to turn a nut.
    * Ultra-thin design:suitable for application in narrow space that other space cann’t use.
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  • German Type Grease Gun

    German Type Grease Gun

    * Application:auto,truck,tractor,harvester,rollers,ship and big machinery.
    * Applicable:14OZ standard barreled oil,oil tank 400cc.
    * High Strength Alloy Steel casting head.
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  • Torpedo Spirit Level

    Torpedo Spirit Level

    * With Magnetic, can absorb on the steel surface;
    * With ABS plastic shell;
    * Reading on top design ,can observe on the top;
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  • Steel Ruler

    Steel Ruler

    * Newest bold laser curved scale, sand blasted matte surface, high accuracy.
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  • Mechanical Vernier Caliper

    Mechanical Vernier Caliper

    * Meet GB/T1214.2 DIN862 standard
    * Four uses,overall chrome plated, with heat treatment.
    * Made of stainless steel, high accuracy
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  • Heavy Duty Hand Riveter

    Heavy Duty Hand Riveter

    * Head made of Alum, Beautiful design, and easy operation.
    * The inside minions,made of reinforced alloy steel,rivet the riveter more intensely.
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  • Heavy Duty Electrode Holder

    Heavy Duty Electrode Holder

    * Long handle,three structure design, with 502 cable inside.
    * Head drop forged with copper,handle is made of special heat insulation material, leak-proof.
    * Please wear special protective eye goggles when using.
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